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How do I initially contact the owner of the apartment regarding the keys and where will the meeting point be?
Once you have booked the apartment, the owner of the apartment will contact you directly within 2 days to confirm the booking and to provide you with further information.

Are there any extra costs? For example administration charges or a late check-in charge?
There is a charge of 20 Euros for check-ins between 20.00hrs and 22.00hrs. If you expect to check-in during these times, please remember to inform us as early as possible, so that we can arrange this with the owner.

Are the rates inclusive of all taxes?
Yes, all taxes including city taxes are included in our rates.

Is the rate per apartment or per person?
Rates are always per apartment. Please ensure that you choose the correct typology, i.e. the correct number of persons who will be staying there.

Does the rate include all utility costs, such as heating, water and electricity?
Rates include all utility costs.

Is cleaning included in the rates and if so, how often is the apartment cleaned?
The apartment is cleaned before check-in and an additional cleaning service is also available during your stay. If you require this service, please inform the apartment owner in advance, who will then in return inform you of the extra charges.

When can I check in and when do I have to check out?
Check-in is from 11.00hrs and check-out is until 12.00hrs.

Do I pay when I check in or when I check out?
You should pay when you check-in.

Can I pay by credit card?
No, payment must be made in cash.

Do I have to pay a deposit in advance? How much is it and how can I pay?
No deposit is necessary. You will pay the whole fee when you check-in. However, please note that we do require your credit card to guarantee the booking.

How much is the caution deposit and what is the process? e.g. how do I pay, when do I receive it back?
No caution deposit is necessary.

Are there special rates available for long stays?
Yes, special offers are available. Please take a look at the apartment's rates page for further details.

What are the terms of the cancellation policy?
Please take a look at the apartment's rates page for details of the cancellation policy.

Do I have 24-hour access to the apartment?
Yes, you will receive your own key to the apartment, so that you can access it whenever you wish.

Can I receive the owner's contact details in case of an emergency regarding the apartment?
We will send you the owners's contact details as soon as the booking has been confirmed.

Which languages are spoken by the owner?
Italiano, English, Fran├žais and Espanol.

What floor is the apartment on and is there a lift/elevator?
The apartment is on the 1 (st/nd/rd/th) floor of a 3 storey building, which has a lift/elevator.

How many rooms does the apartment comprise of?
The apartment comprises of 2 bedroom(s), a living area, cooking area and 2 bathroom(s).

Are cooking facilities available?
As the apartment has a fully fitted kitchen, you can prepare all types of meals.

Are bath towels and bed linen supplied?
Both bath towels and bed linen are supplied free of charge.

Is there a safety deposit box available?
No, unfortunately there is not a safety deposit box in the apartment.

Are cots/cribs available? If so, is there an extra charge for it?
Yes, cots/cribs are available and are free of charge.

Are pets welcome?
Yes, small pets are welcome.

How close are the nearest public transport facilities?
Train: Stazione Santa Lucia - 800 metres. Vaporetto (boat): Riva De Biasio - 50 metres.

How far away is the nearest supermarket?
The nearest supermarket is 5 minutes away on foot.

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